I saw a curious species
Eons away from home
Gnawing at each other
’Cause they were all alone
No problem, thought my friends
Just look inside their minds
Plant a learning program
That iterates through time
But I knew the curious species
With the writing of each tome
They’d see it all so differently
The truth they’d want to own
No problem, said my guru
“Go do it”, and I came
With a message for the people
To be lost all the same
Except some of the curious
Who’d receive somewhat the poem
A little closer at each turn
To the top of Maslow’s cone
But some would think they’re Gods
Deserving of their thrones
So close it got to working
But did it? I don’t know…

Technology entrepreneur based in New York. Interested in art, music, philosophy, psychology, machine learning, neuroscience, physics, and nature.